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now that’s what i call powerviolence volume 8

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"I’ve got to expose hypocrisy in my own self, the consciousness of my own self, before I could ever stand up and speak for other individuals who are trying to do the same.

"There were men in this country who gave us the power to think critically again. There were men in this country who rose up and lifted their minds out of the darkness and lifted their minds up and showed all of us that we are individuals who can use our mind and our spirit to fight a hypocritical and brutal system. What [Dr.] King used in spirit to speak to all of us regardless of color, regardless of upbringing, and regardless of class and showed us all that this is a country that for 500 years has murdered, and enslaved, and stolen our land, and kept us from seeing ourselves as who we truly are.

"When I began to read "X", I realized that I don’t have to be ashamed of my brown skin. And when he became a threat to this system, they fucking shot him. In the 70’s where people like Dennis Banks, where people like Russell Means, where people like Leonard Peltier stood up for their people in self defense of their people, in self defense of human rights, their lives were threatened. And Leonard Peltier still rots in a jail cell to this very day for speaking out against [sic] those rights. Why do we sit so complacent? Why don’t we fucking act? Wake up."




HOW TO BOOK A SHOW- no gods/no masters/no promoters

from the OCTOBER 2012 issue of TADT

this is awesome! excellent advice for anyone who wants to book DIY shows. super helpful guidelines!

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